Getting Started with Your New Site.

Every new website starts the same way.

    1. Choose a domain name.

It is said that Search engines are going to pay less heed to keywords in domain names because it has been abused by spammers registering hundreds of domains to rank them for exact match. Content’s quality and its uniqueness plays most important role. But nonetheless, if you could still find keywords that you can book a domain name with, go for it. But if doing so, you feel totally different from your business name, you can skip it.

Creative Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

      • Take a word and substitute letters, as Vimeo did to create their video site.
      • Find words related to your topic, and see if you can use them – just like does for their Star Wars website.
      • Go to a captcha service, like recaptcha, and use it to give you fun ideas for words.
      • Instead of being scared that someone will steal your idea, ask your friends for their help! Post a status message on Facebook asking people what they think a good domain name would be. Get a good discussion going!
      • Don’t put pressure on yourself to find a perfect name – many websites that are popular today are popular in spite of their domain names!
      • Enjoy the experience; you may only get one chance to create this feature of your site, even though others may change.
      • Take your time when choosing a domain name!
    1. Register it.

Find out how here.

    1. Choose a web host.

Here is a video to help you out.

    1. Either create webpages or install a web framework - I prefer WordPress.

How to use you WordPress blog.

    1. Add some content.

Content is easy, it's just writing words, adding images or video. The hard part is writing words people will want to read so you have to mke it relevant to your proposed audience. For a local business this could be some local news which is relevant in some way with your business. It shouldn't be just about selling the product of the week.

    1. Add some backlinks.

Guest posting on relevant websites, posting images on Instagram with tags to your site, something relevant on your Facebook fan page all help.