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The 10km Rule website is your main resource for all things relating to marketing your business to your local customers.  Here are a number of membership options for you.

Free Membership:
Access to most areas of this site.

Just register using this link and you are good to go.

Bronze Membership:  $9.95 per month.

Access to all areas of this site.  Includes training to find and reach your customers.

Silver Membership:  $29.95 per month.

Bronze Membership plus web hosting of the domain of your choice.  Includes full access to the back end of the site, instructional videos to maximize your ability to become productive, full instructions to set up and operate your new web site.

Gold Membership:  $39.95 per Month.

Silver Membership plus get your new site set up for you ready to use.  We will keep your site updated with the latest versions of software for you.

Platinum Membership:  $495 per month.

Gold Membership plus we do the marketing for you, you get weekly reports as to what has been done.  You still have access to all the back end controls but don't have to do anything other than give our team instructions via email or telephone.

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